Our approach

Adaptive, resilient & results orientated partner

What qualities do today's organisations need to acquire in order to adapt to rapidly changing business environments and drive significant change in the future?

Resilience is key to success in both private and public sectors. Organisations have to be agile enough to redefine the scope of the threats facing them and the opportunities open to them.

At ABILWAYS, we believe in :

  • Understanding the dynamic nature of your business environment and challenges

    The only sustainable way to improve operational performance, gain a clear competitive advantage, or continue growth, is through the effective development of people aligned with the organisation’s strategy.

    ABILWAYS offers a range of learning solutions that are flexible, easily adaptable, and relevant to your context. Our solutions are built on our clients’ actual needs and business reality.

  • Providing effective learning and long-term impact

    The ABILWAYS approach focuses on supporting organisations and their people as they embed effective learning and knowledge.

    Critical to this is linking training and learning outputs to measurable results in terms of transferability of learning and contribution to organisational strategy.

  • Empowering a consistent learning approach: Think global - Act local

    Supported by our brands’ wide range of expertise and extensive international network of consultants, ABILWAYS offers a consistent and comprehensive array of services.

    We develop and deliver solutions across international boundaries while taking into consideration the various local development needs, languages, cultures, and working styles which impact on learning preferences.

Our approach to Learning and Development

Organisations should cultivate high-impact driven learning and ensure their staff have the proper abilities to rapidly apply continuous learning to their workplace.

Today’s learning environment must adapt to rapidly changing business contexts, heavy workloads and fierce global competition. It must therefore become more flexible, focused and cost effective : “Just in Time Learning”.

What makes the ABILWAYS Learning Framework unique?

  • Our flexible framework supports rapidly changing business environments
  • Constantly updated technology ensures user-friendly and time saving access to learning
  • Business needs and learning preferences drive our selection of learning strategies

Long term learning progression and consistent are key to the effective development of staff critical skills, which contribute to achieve corporate strategies. ABILWAYS is committed to supporting its clients by proposing comprehensive and coherent learning approaches.

ABILWAYS offers both classroom and blended solutions which go beyond formal and structured learning to embrace dynamic and social learning opportunities.

Our objective is to provide access to learning at the time of clients’ choosing and in the most relevant format.

Just-in time learning : our “Learning Metronome”

Long term learning progression and consistent pedagogy are key to effective development of staff’s critical skills that will contribute to achieve your corporate strategy.

Learning Metronome

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