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CFPJ specialises in training journalism, information and communication professionals.
With over 40 years’ experience, CFPJ provides many training courses covering every need through its different departments.

CFPJ is the place where media professionals share their work experience and prospects. It hosts 2,500 journalists every year for 170 catalogue and customised intra-company training courses.

3,000 professionals from companies, government, local authorities, and associations receive training in communications strategy, press relations, verbal and written expression, multimedia and leadership.

CFPJ LAB is a dedicated idea incubator. Set up as a community, this is the place for meeting and exchange for web innovations.

CFPJ publications provide journalists and communications professionals with practical reference manuals.


CFPJ obtained his qualification ISQ-OPQF in September 2013. This qualification is the recognition of the professionalism, especially measured by customer satisfaction and the company engages in a process of continuous improvement.

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